My role as the next elite athlete working on The Global Adecco Group Athlete Career Programme (ACP) team

Good afternoon and welcome to my blog about my experience as the Adecco Group ACP intern.

My name is Silvan Lutz, 27 years old from Switzerland. I am a track and field elite athlete. So far, my hard work paid off, having reached already several Swiss Championship titles over the lovely 400m distance and I also participated in two European Athletics Championships as part of the Swiss 4x400m relay team.

Several months ago, I had to think about my future as an athlete and for sure about my career next to sports. After finishing my Bachelor Degree in Business Administration in 2016, I was searching for a new job which gives me the flexibility to combine my sport with work and experience in the business world. So, I scanned through the website of Swiss-Olympic to look for potential job opportunities. I came across the Athlete Career Programme for the Swiss elite athletes which prompted me to pick up the phone to learn more about it.

And now I am here, writing to you as part of the Global ACP team but it took some work. Through the Swiss ACP I got to know about this lovely internship at the Adecco Group in Zurich. I am working now in a part time position for the ACP team, supporting them in several projects such as the IOC ACP Forum2017 in Beijing which was held last week in China. Unfortunately - on one side - I couldnt be there because I made the qualification for the European Athletics Team Championships in Vaasa, Finland where I will represent my country in the 400m and maybe the 4x400m relay.

4x400m relay in Vaasa, Silvan Lutz

Through the ACP internship I can focus on my sports career without losing contact business world. For me it was always a given that I wanted to work beside my sports career. Furthermore, I will start my Masters Degree this coming September. Through the ACP internship, I will have the flexibility to combine sport, work and study without in an environment that understands about the challenge to perform well in various areas which takes away some of the stress that I could experience if the people around me dont understand that athletes do need to focus on their education and work experience whilst training and competing.

Knowing more about the ACP and looking at these first couple of months on the job, I can warmly recommend the Athlete Career Programme in cooperation with The Adecco Group to all elite athletes. The ACP supports you in achieving a dual career. For me, it was always clear that sports on elite level can be done during a relatively short time only. During and post your sports career, the ACP helps you prepare well for any upcoming challenges you might face in your new life in the workforce. 

If you are an elite athlete who is looking for support either for job placement or with regards to advice on career development, do not hesitate to contact your local ACP team or should there be no local Programme, just get in touch with the Global ACP team. You can find further information on the Global Adecco ACP website or on the IOC Athletes Hub.



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