It’s time to say goodbye

My time as an intern at the Adecco Group comes to an end. In this very last blog entry I would like to share with you my experience as an intern working for the Adecco Group at their global headquarters in Zurich for the past six months.

I very much enjoyed my first time experience in the private sector. During the past months, I was able to build new relationships with fantastic people and I really enjoyed working with the global team as well as our colleagues in the countries. I was able to apply several skills I learnt in my sports career and also during my bachelor’s degree at University. Furthermore, I appreciated to face a highly flexible working environment the Adecco Group offered me, helping me to combine my work tasks with my daily trainings and competitions which made it possible to also improve my athletic performance.
I very much enjoyed to work in a very supportive and motivated team in the Marketing and Communication department. Challenging tasks such as creating application content for the 8th IOC Athelte Career Programme Forum in Beijing and supporting the team in many different projects were part of my daily work.  

Recently, I also started my Masters of Science in International Management at the University of Applied Science Northwestern Switzerland. After ending my internship on October 31st 2017, I will continue my studies beside training and competition to reach my long-term goal: the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games. Furthermore, after a one month training-break, I started with my winter training to prepare my next major competition in 2018. I will hopefully successfully participate in the 2018 European Athletics Championships in Berlin.
I really appreciated the time working as an intern at the Adecco Group and I was learning some new skills such as organising myself for remote work or meeting up with conference calls for my future career as an elite athlete as well as a future employee. Furthermore, I could extend my personal network as well.
I would like to thank the IOC Athlete Career Programme for giving me the chance to work for the Athlete Career Programme, also supporting other fellow sports women and men.
Moreover, I would like to thank the Adecco Group too for enjoying a great time together.
I am sure that our path will cross again and I will definitely talk about the Athlete Career Programme when meeting with athletes from around the world so they know there is a Programme which helps combine sports and a workplace career or supporting a smooth transition from sports to the labour market.


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