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Train hard – eat smart and don't forget to recover

Train hard  eat smart  recover fast
Most athletes know the problem that a lack of recovery time can cause. Luckily nowadays many athletes are engaged in a dual system, meaning that they train and compete but they also are studying or working.
Often, elite athletes pursuing a dual career suffer because of not having enough recovery time. Hard trainings only have the right impact if athletes also have enough recovery time. And true recovery does not mean to just having free-time. It includes the right nutrition, recovery measurements such as massages, warm or cold bathes, cryotherapie and more. Furthermore, the aspect of physical recovery time has to be considered for every athlete. That is the big advantage of the IOC and IPC Athletes Career Programmes in cooperation with the Adecco Group. Through this programme, athletes will be supported in finding a flexible job where they can optimize their work-life balance and recovery time.
One of the most important aspect in recovery is actual…

Dual career in perfection – Where sport meets education

Here I am with my second blog this year where I will share with you my impressions from the World Student Games 2017.

This year, the World Student Games, also called ‘Universiade’was held in Taipei, Taiwan. As a member of the Swiss delegation, I got the chance to participate and get involved in the second biggest multi-sports event on earth. It was an awesome experience to meet up with students from all over the world and compete in a high-level competition. To be part of this fantastic spirit was a unique and unforgettable experience. The Taipei organizing committee held the event under the official motto of ‘For You, For Youth’. 
The event epitomized the passion and love for sport and education. During the Universiade, sport and education meet on a highest level, bringing together more than 10,000 athletes in a single village in New Taipei. I couldn’t feel any religious, language or ethnical barriers among athletes and staff. We just all joined together to compete in this beautiful co…